About ChristadelphianVideo.org

…ChristadelphianVideo.org is a worldwide collaboration By Christadelphians to help promote the understanding of God’s Word to those who are seeking the Truth about the Human condition and Gods plan and Purpose with the Earth and Mankind upon it.

Christadelphianvideo.org is a stand alone online tool for establishing just how far removed the ‘True Christian Teachings’ of the 1st Century Apostles is from that taught by today’s mainstream Christianity.
We have included a wide range of subject matter, including many videos of our prophecy days held all over the world annually, but most of our videos cover what we term the First Principles – i.e, that knowledge essential for salvation.

Christadelphianvideo .org ®

is an organisation set up to distribute videos produced by the brotherhood (deemed suitable by its group members) to the wider on-line community of Brethren and Sisters and an outreach to the general public in relation to preaching matters (Mark 16:15). The Videos produced by our community are promoted using the www.christadelphianvideo.org website and the other social media outlets managed by Christadelphianvideo.org

To this end cdvideo.org is responsible for, or associated with, various YouTube channel’s and external websites for the purpose of link building and continuity.

The use of approved external websites as affiliates will be authorized by the CV.org senior management team members and reviewed annually.

We hold to the BASF concerning these matters so it is not generally an issue for us, we try to promote material that enforces that position and actively encourage the submission of such material.

CV.org® also manages face book pages, blogs, twitter and other social media on the web and has an adwords account used to promote certain videos should any donations come our way in the future .

Bre Jonathan Bowen, Ron Cowie, Matt Davies, Sis Beulah Edwards , Don Pearce,  and Stuart-Caleb Courtonel.

Our Webmasters are Bro Matt Egginton (Team leader). Jamie Barker.