“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” (Genesis 1:1).


The Lord Jesus Christ and apostles all accepted the Creation record as written. (Matthew 19:4;  John 5:47;  Acts 17:24;  Romans 5:12 etc)

Evolution does not explain the origin of life or its complexity at the cellular level.  It affects our understanding of the purpose of life, and accountability to the Creator.  The moral implications of evolution, and the social consequence – chaos, irresponsibility – are clearly seen in society at present. Contrast the following points:


  • Chance – chaos
  • No accountability
  • No responsibility


  • Order – purpose
  • Accountability
  • Responsibility

In the Creation record, God is not telling us HOW He performed creation, rather WHY He did it.

We are not told WHEN God created, it is simply “In the beginning”.  The earth was “without form and void”, or as translated by Rotherham “had become a catastrophe”.  Hence there was no life upon the earth, until the Spirit of God moved to create.

There are six days of creation, with God resting on the seventh day.   We know that each creative day comprised a 24 hour period, because of the statement “the evening and morning…”.

This is the reversal of man’s day:
Man’s day begins in light (morning), moves to darkness (night)
God’s day begins in darkness (Genesis 1:2), moves to light (Genesis 1:3)

This principle of light and darkness is symbolic of understanding and ignorance.  We are only “in light” when we know the ways of God;  apart from that we are in darkness, even though we may be wise in this world’s estimation.  (John 3:19-21;  2 Corinthians 4:3-6)

Day 1 Light Day 4 Light bearers; sun, moon stars
Day 2 Atmosphere
Day 5 Creatures of the air (birds)
Creatures of the water (fish)
Day 3 Earth
Day 6 Animals

Note:  The first 3 days are paralleled with the last three days.

Verse 16:  The word “made” in Genesis 1 which indicates “to make or create”, in this verse is a different Hebrew word, indicating “appoint”.  It relates to the earth being located in relation to the planets, so that the seasons, and day and nighttime are set in place.

Verse 24:  Let the earth bring forth” – Evolution claims life on earth came from the sea!  All the creatures are made “after his kind”.  There is no crossing between the species. The only variation is within the species.  This is well established as genetic law.  The few species that have been successfully crossbred, are sterile, eg the mule.

HD videos about Creation/Evolution

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