Suddenly leaving the EU looks within reach


There is a huge section of the British public who want to reclaim our nation’s sovereignty. Finally, activists are coming together to make the dream come true

Suddenly leaving the EU looks within reachThe issue agenda, the organisation and the will is there to leave the EU Photo: Alamy

By Simon Heffer

7:11PM BST 29 Sep 2015

Those of us elderly enough to rememberthe Common Market Referendum of 1975 know that when it comes to Europe there is seldom anything approaching a fair fight. Every household received three leaflets: one arguing the case to get out, a second arguing the case for staying in, and a third – which presented the Government’s view – also telling us why we should remain members.

Many who subsequently became what we now call Eurosceptics were taken in by the argument that Europe was just a free-trade organisation, even though the Treaty of Rome made it absolutely clear that it was nothing of the sort. And others thought that two years of membership was not enough time to see the full wonders of Europe, and to learn how much better Britain would be as a result of membership. Well, 40 years on, we know better now.

Yet until recently what appeared to be a public mood of disillusion with the EU did not translate into a majority in the opinion polls to get out. Senior politicians of all parties are virtually unanimous in their resolve to stay in. Big business has warned us for years that we shall be headed for destitution and famine if we choose to leave. No wonder the public is nervous about following its instincts, and demanding the right to regain our own sovereignty over our own country.

Arron Banks and Nigel FarageArron Banks, left, with Nigel Farage in October 2014  Photo: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Now that, at least, has changed, and with it, I suspect, the likely outcome of the referendum. Arron Banks, a businessman who gave Ukip £1m before the last election, and Richard Tice, a property developer who runs Global Britain, have managed after months of negotiations to bring together a coalition of almost all the anti-EU groups, and have launched a unified campaign under the banner of Those who are fighting under the banner now include the Bruges Group, Global Britain, Get Britain Out, the Campaign for an Independent Britain and the Democracy Movement.

In his speech to the Ukip conference on Friday, Nigel Farage warmly endorsed this coalition and set a new tone for the fight: it’s not about Ukip, or any group or political party, it’s about getting out of Europe. Mr Farage, who will be playing a predictably prominent part in the campaign but will not be leading it, said it should be “free of egos, without rivalries or jealousies and focused solely on the cause of getting the UK out of the EU… country must always come before party or personal differences.”

To judge just from my postbag there is a huge section of the British public who want to reclaim our nation’s sovereignty. This has, predictably, swollen considerably since the disaster with immigration policy over which an incompetent, divided and incapable EU is now presiding. I suspect, as before the general election, many people are simply not being honest with opinion pollsters: it is still not considered polite to say you will vote to come out of Europe.

The referendum may, as Mr Farage said on Friday, be as early as next March. The result remains far from certain. But the coalition has altered the odds, and the game: and turned this from what the establishment thought was a forgone conclusion into a contest.

What we continue to witness here is as Daniel said in Daniel 4:17“This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will…”
The angels of God were at work ensuring that Britain will leave the EU, and it now seems this might be sooner rather than later with a referendum possibly coming as early as March 2016.
Yes, despite all the politicising by the various parties and politicians, Britain will keep moving in the direction of leaving the EU which is now assured under the conservatives who as Cameron has said will implement their manifesto to the fullest! 

So yet again we see the hand of God at work in the nations to ensure that His purpose unfolds on the earth.  Britain will leave the EU of this we can be certain as this is a matter of Bible Prophecy.  In the Bible, God has long said (2,500 yrs ago to be exact) that Britain will not be a part of the European Union when Russia and the EU invade the Middle East.

Learn why Britain must pull out of the European Union from the Bible

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