Theistic evolution (or God directed evolution, GDE) has been the subject of several other publications. However, in A Challenge to Theistic Evolution we examine the belief that God created current life on earth through evolution from the Biblical and scientific standpoint. We hope that combining the two perspectives in a single book will be welcomed by a wide readership, regardless of scientific knowledge.

In Part 1 we examine some of the interpretations of modern Biblical scholarship using three non-Christadelphian authors. These interpretations lean heavily upon an allegorical understanding of key Bible passages, especially the first eleven chapters of Genesis. We offer thoroughly researched reasoning to support our understanding of the Bible message as a historically reliable account. In doing so we demonstrate that anything other than a literal understanding undermines the teaching of the rest of Scripture.

It is important to recognise the implications of theistic evolution for the authority of the Bible as the Word of God. All who accept theistic evolution are in effect saying that there is a whole area of knowledge, especially regarding human existence, about which they do not allow the Bible to speak with authority. They will allow the Bible to speak with authority about the hope of salvation (NT), but not about the origins of those who are being saved, the origin of human death, the origin of human morality, and the foundations of that salvation through the life, death and resurrection of the ‘second’ Adam. Such a limitation on the authority of the Bible leaves the door wide open for further erosions of its teaching when it does not conform to the scientific thinking of the day.

In Part 2 we turn our attention to current scientific thinking surrounding the age of earth and evolution. We provide a selection of arguments to counter the commonly accepted view that evolution is proven. We also highlight that some commonly accepted lines of evidence are completely fallacious. We have done this using fully referenced evidence from a wide range of non-Creationist writers with clear logical reasoning, making the book accessible to any reader. We are convinced from a consideration of the scientific evidence, evidence which argues strongly against biological evolution, that theistic evolution is a totally untenable alternative to accepting the Genesis account of special creation.

We have added several appendices covering ancillary topics and providing additional material not required for the main thrust of our evidence. All of which we trust will provide valuable reference material assisted by the subject indexes.


A Challenge to Theistic Evolution from Biblical and Scientific perspectives

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