Over the next few weeks, we will be serialising a paper by Bro B.Burt (Cov West) for those who did not see it when it was first published.

We will reproduce this in short ‘snippets’ to make it easier to digest and comment upon should you wish to do so.


The creation record in Gen.1v1 – 2v4 (in which God is referred to as Elohim) is significantly different to that in 2v5-24 (in which God is called Yahweh Elohim) – to the point where some critics have (wrongly) suggested that the two accounts contradict each other.  The history of the line of Cain in Gen.4 stops with the record of the sons of Lamech who lived some time before the flood.  Why are we not told about subsequent generations and their doings?  The record of the flood in Gen.6-7 contains a number of apparently duplicated statements – why should this be if the record was penned by a single author?  The first eleven chapters of Genesis contain a number of Babylonian words and the last fourteen chapters feature Egyptian words[1] why the difference between the beginning and the end of the book?


It also needs to be noted that although there are in the later books of the Bible quotations from the books of Exodus, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy which are attributed to Moses (Mk.7v10 quotes Ex.20v12; Jn.8v5 quotes Lev.20v10; Acts 3v22 quotes Deut.18v15/19); there are no such attributions to any quotation from Genesis.  In other words, there is no place where Genesis is quoted with the addition of the words ‘Moses wrote’.

[1] Clues to Creation in Genesis, P J Wiseman, p.103

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