1 Corinthians 15: The Resurrection – 3 Video Bible Study Series

A Christadelphian Video: #1  Description: Biblical faith is built around the resurrection of Jesus Christ and of his believers upon his return. Without it, life is empty and vain, but when understood, belief in the resurrection imbues life with hope and joy.

A Christadelphian Video: #2  An understanding of the resurrection is vital, it needs to now be dem onstrated in individual’s lives by one’s spiritual transformation. Death and resurrection can be understood in the spiritual & physical senses. Christ never allowed his own will to dominate for he is the exemplar not a substitute. The theme for this study was the triumph of the resurrection.

A Christadelphian Video: #3 The Trumpet deals with the resurrection both of the literal body and of the spiritual body – raised up into Christ in this life. There is a mortal body, which we all experience in this life, there is a body for those resurrected during the judgment process, and there is an immortal body which will be bestowed on the righteous after judgment.

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