2019 Menucha Bible School: (10 Videos)

Brother John Pople : Class 1 – Leading Ladies
God of Widows – Tamar’s Story
Wings of Shelter – Ruth’s Story
Dangerous Liaisons – Stories of the Other Woman
Where May She be Found – Wisdom’s Story
The Devoted Daughter – Jephthah’s Daughter’s Story


Brother Doug Davis : Class 2 – Exploring the Millennial Period
Christ’s return and Judgement
New World Order – Christ is King
The Millennial Golden Age
The End of the Milllennial Period

Brother Norm Fadelle : Embracing the First Letter of Peter

We have been Born Again
You are a Royal Priesthood
Likewise you Wives…Likewise you Husbands
Rejoice in so far as you Share Christ’s Sufferings
And After you have Suffered a While


 Watch in Full HD below – Click Image to play…

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