A Consideration of the Ways of Providence – 6 Videos


  1. The wisdom of this world is fallible and needs to be tested. For God to direct our paths and have an influence in our lives, we must know the scriptures and gain an understanding of God’s aims with human beings.
  2. Through prayer and faith we align our ways to God’s ways. When our actions are consistent with His ways, God works in our lives. We need to become more aware of God’s influence in our daily life.
  3. There is a purpose to the Ways of Providence. It does not mean we will have an easy life and we still need to apply scriptural principles learned from God’s Word by daily reading and meditation. Our recognition of Providence will improve our prayers.
  4. By applying scriptural principles when we are faced with a choice, we will find whether God is leading or testing us. We can make decisions based on relevant scriptures and let God guide us in our actions.
  5. World events are poured into the mould of Bible Prophecy. God works through natural men who are unaware that they are fulfilling His purpose. Without angelic supervision, the world would have sunk into chaos and no flesh would have been saved.
  6. Jesus Christ is the ultimate example of a life governed by Providence, as he resigned his life to his Father’s will. Jesus filled his mind with the scriptures. He was resolute in facing trials and for his obedience he was raised and glorified.

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