A Government You Can Trust!

A @Christadelphians Video: Description: Do our current leaders fear God or the media and the electorate? Leaders in the Bible such as Joseph, Moses, Joshua and David did not seek their own glory but gave credit to God for their righteous judgments. When Jesus came, the people wanted him to be king. We are encouraged to look beyond the present corruption to Jesus’ rule of a physical and spiritual restoration upon all peoples of the earth.

### Summary
The presentation discusses the declining trust in government and political leaders, advocating for a return to biblical principles of leadership. It highlights historical and biblical examples, ultimately calling for faith in Jesus Christ as the ultimate righteous ruler.
### Highlights
– 🏛️ Public trust in government is at historic lows, attributed to scandals and corruption across all branches.
– 🗳️ The speaker questions the effectiveness of elections in restoring trust, citing pervasive influence from private interest groups.
– 📖 Drawing from biblical examples like Joseph, Moses, and David, the presentation emphasises traits of honesty, humility, and accountability in leadership.
– 👑 It contrasts flawed human leaders with the promise of a righteous ruler in Jesus Christ, as prophesied in scripture.
– ⚖️ The speaker urges viewers to reject political compromise and place faith in biblical principles for true societal transformation.
### keyword
Politics, Leadership, Biblical Principles

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