Adam Was First Formed


In this presentation, the speaker discusses the belief of Christadelphians that the Bible is God’s message to his creation. They explain that the Bible instructs us on how to live our lives and was written by prophets who risked their lives to deliver God’s message. The speaker then focuses on the story of Adam, discussing his creation from dust and the consequences of his disobedience.


  • 📖 The Bible is believed to be God’s message to his creation.
  • 🗣️ Prophets were the vehicles for delivering God’s message.
  • 🌍 Adam was created from dust and disobeyed God’s command.
  • ⚖️ Disobedience brings about death, while obedience leads to life.
  • 🐍 The serpent was punished for deceiving Adam and Eve.


Christadelphians, Bible, God, prophets, creation, Adam, disobedience, death, obedience, serpent

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