Baptism in Jesus Christ.

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Description: Baptism marks the beginning of a new life in Christ, when our new relationship with God through Jesus Christ, enables our sins may be forgiven. We are then heirs of the Kingdom which the Lord Jesus will establish when he returns. NOTE: There is a ”typo” contained in the overhead statement in the last checkpoint: “Jesus had this same nature…” – the sentence reads “…be condemned sin in the flesh because he never sinned”; it should read “he condemned sin in the flesh…”.

This presentation discusses the concept of baptism in Jesus Christ. It explores the origins, meaning, and practice of baptism, highlighting its spiritual and symbolic significance. The speaker emphasizes the importance of baptism as commanded by Jesus Christ for salvation and explains the relationship between belief, repentance, and baptism. The presentation references biblical passages to support the arguments made. Overall, the presentation aims to provide a clearer understanding of the scriptural teachings on baptism.

🔹 Baptism is the act of fully immersing or getting wet, contrasting with the act of washing.
🔹 The Old Testament focuses on cleansing practices, but baptism holds a deeper spiritual meaning.
🔹 John the Baptist preached baptism for repentance, emphasizing the need to change behavior.
🔹 Jesus Christ commanded baptism as part of the disciples’ mission to make disciples of all nations.
🔹 Baptism is necessary for salvation and signifies a spiritual rebirth.

baptism, Jesus Christ, immersion, washing, repentance, belief, salvation

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