Bible Basics: The Atonement: Explained!

A Christadelphian Video: The Bible promises us that the earth will be this place of peace, goodness, and prosperity. In reality, that isn’t what we see at all. In fact, the world is this picture of something much different, where sin and evil are rampant. So how does God deliver on his promise of a righteous earth? Atonement is the answer. Contact us… By email: [email protected] Or by leaving a comment below 👇 #sin #biblebasics

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This address is misleading. Victory over the diabolos was not achieved until the Lord Jesus was resurrected.
Also your address makes no mention of the declaration of Yahweh’s righteousness in the condemnation of sin in the flesh ( see Elpis Israel page 128 , the chapter titled the Constitution of Sin)
Any comment on this response to :- [email protected]

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