Bible Prophecy & the Birth of Israel

### Summary
This presentation explores the birth and history of the nation of Israel, tracing its origins from the call of Abraham to the present day. It highlights the significance of Israel as a witness to the world of the power and faithfulness of the God of the Bible, and the relevance of this history to individuals today.

### Highlights
🌍 The presentation begins by tracing the story of Abraham, who was called by God to leave his home in Ur and journey to the land of Canaan, which was promised to him and his descendants.
🌍 The presentation then follows the story of the Israelites, from their time in Egypt, the Exodus under Moses, and their eventual settlement in the Promised Land under Joshua.
🌍 The presentation examines the blessings and curses outlined in the book of Deuteronomy, which foretold the future experiences of the Israelites, including their eventual exile and scattering among the nations.
🌍 The presentation then explores the historical events that unfolded, including the destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians, the return of the Israelites from exile, and the subsequent Roman conquest and destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70.
🌍 The presentation highlights the prophetic significance of the modern establishment of the state of Israel in 1948, which the speaker sees as a fulfilment of biblical prophecies regarding the restoration of the Jewish people to their homeland.
🌍 The presentation concludes by emphasizing the relevance of the story of Israel to individuals today, and the invitation to be “reborn” through faith in Christ and baptism, just as the nation of Israel was “reborn” through its restoration to the Promised Land.

### Keywords
– Bible prophecy
– Israel
– Restoration

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