Bible teaching in the Lord’s prayer.

A @Christadelphians Video: Description: Simple yet profound, this model prayer summarises the purpose of God foretold in the Old Testament Bible. Prophets foretell the rise and fall of the kingdoms of men and the time of the Kingdom of God upon the Earth. Till then God wills his children to live thankfully for the daily blessings of life and in hope of his Kingdom and glory to come.

### Summary
The presentation delves into the profound teachings encapsulated within the Lord’s Prayer, exploring its biblical foundations and implications. It highlights key aspects such as acknowledging God as Father, the establishment of His kingdom on Earth, the significance of seeking daily sustenance and forgiveness, and the importance of resisting temptation. The session underscores the interconnectedness of these teachings with broader biblical principles, emphasizing themes of reverence, forgiveness, and reliance on divine providence.

### Highlights
– 🙏 **Acknowledging God as Father**: The Lord’s Prayer begins with reverence for God as our Father in heaven, highlighting the importance of worship and separation from worldly influences (2 Corinthians 6:17-18).
– 🌍 **The Establishment of God’s Kingdom on Earth**: The prayer expresses the hope for God’s kingdom to come on Earth, as prophesied in passages such as Daniel 2 and Micah 4, where all nations will gather to worship in Jerusalem.
– 🍞 **Dependence on God for Daily Sustenance**: “Give us this day our daily bread” not only signifies physical sustenance but also parallels the need for spiritual nourishment through the Word of God (Matthew 15:35, Deuteronomy 8:3).
– 🙏 **Seeking Forgiveness and Offering Forgiveness**: The prayer highlights the importance of seeking forgiveness from God and extending forgiveness to others, as echoed in Matthew 6:12 and 6:14-15, and affirmed in 1 John 1:9.
– ⚔️ **Resisting Temptation and Evil**: “Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil” underscores the need to rely on God’s guidance to avoid sinful temptations, as elucidated in Matthew 15:10-11 and James 1:13-15.
– 👑 **Acknowledging God’s Sovereignty**: The prayer concludes by acknowledging God’s kingdom, power, and glory, reiterating the centrality of God’s reign and authority.

### Keywords
– Bible teaching
– Lord’s Prayer
– Biblical principles

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