Bible Truth…You do not have an Immortal Soul!!!


This video discusses the concept of the immortal soul and explores what happens to us after death according to the Bible. It emphasizes that the Bible does not teach the existence of an immortal soul, but rather the hope of resurrection and life beyond the grave through Jesus Christ.

💡 The Bible teaches that the soul is not immortal, but a living being created by God.
💡 Hebrew scriptures clearly state that death is the cessation of life and that the dead return to the dust.
💡 The belief in an immortal soul originated from Greek philosophy and influenced Jewish and Christian thinking.
💡 Resurrection is the key hope offered by the Bible, where the dead will be raised to either everlasting life or shame and contempt.
💡 The concept of “soul sleep” aligns with the biblical teaching of death as a temporary state until resurrection.
💡 Passages like Luke 16 and Luke 23, often cited to support the idea of an immortal soul, are parables or can be interpreted differently.
💡 The hope of life after death lies in the resurrection, where believers will be raised, transformed, and able to serve in God’s kingdom.
Key Insights
🧠 The concept of the immortal soul is not supported by the Hebrew scriptures or the teachings of Jesus and the apostles. It is an idea that originated from Greek philosophy and influenced later theological developments.
🧠 The biblical understanding of death is that it is the cessation of life, and the hope lies in the resurrection of the dead, not in the existence of an immortal soul.
🧠 The parable of the rich man and Lazarus in Luke 16 is not a literal account but a story that emphasizes the importance of repentance and the hope of resurrection.
🧠 The passage in Luke 23 regarding the thief on the cross can be understood as an assurance of future resurrection rather than an immediate experience of paradise that day.
🧠 The belief in an immortal soul raises questions about the fairness and justice of eternal punishment or reward, which contradict the biblical teachings on judgment and resurrection.
🧠 The hope of resurrection offers a powerful and comforting perspective on death, providing assurance that God will raise the faithful to a new life in His kingdom.
🧠 Understanding the biblical teachings on death and resurrection helps to clarify misconceptions and challenges the influence of Greek philosophy on Christian thinking.

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