**Brand new resource** Today in the Daily Bible Readings….

Here is a brand new resource… It has been developed to assist the brotherhood (and anyone else) to get the most out of the Christadelphian Daily Reading Planner. Please let us know what you think. It has been developed by a brother in Canada, who has spent many months on this project pulling together many of the resources already available to our community but into one easy to navigate daily post. – Your ‘one-stop’ place for the daily Bible readings!

Each new day a new post will appear on our homepage with the updated information for that day, just select the tab you wish to view from each of the daily readings.

  • Reading Text (with audio from the KJV)
  • Thought for the Day (various thoughts, usually video and article based media)
  • Reading Videos (Produced by the Christadelphian community) – a choice of versions available for you to play.
  • Study Videos – From material within our site the algorithm will select videos that are tagged with the chapters relating to today’s readings.
  • Audio talks – an ongoing project to pull audio from our new ‘Christadelphianstalk.com audio site. Keep checking back for updates!
  • Readings comments – in collaboration with our fellow labourers at www.dailyreadings.org.uk we provide the link to this extensive resource to many 1000’s of comments from Christadelphians on the daily readings.
  • Other Resources – Links to other valuable material inc links to our Daily Reading pages on Facebook.
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