Choosing Holiness – 6 Videos aimed with youth in mind.

Holiness summary:
The Bible paints a vivid, yet troubling picture of the moral conditions that will exist in society just before the return of Christ to the earth.  Jesus, Peter, Paul and John all foretell of rampant degeneration as men, women and children turn from obeying God to enjoying the lusts and pleasures of sin.  The Lord warns how all the evil that existed in Noah’s day will converge with all the evil of Lot’s day into a single generation – there will be an explosion of violence and immorality.  The predominant danger faced by believers living in such perilous times is that they will be caught up in the evil and lose their garments of righteousness.  A simple graph depicts the “slippery slope” and illustrates this rapid moral decline.  The Bible warns that social and moral conditions will not improve prior to Christ’s return, only continue their downward spiral.  To survive spiritually, believers need to learn to live apart from the evil by maintaining and holding themselves accountable to live by a personal standard of holiness.

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