Christchurch Bible Prophecy Day 2016 Studies (3 Videos)

Christchurch Bible Prophecy Day 2016 Study Series

This year we have 3 studies and one bonus video.
The three speakers were Bro Don Pearce (Rugby Uk)
Bro Paul Vogel (Christchurch West) and Bro Brian Luke (Brighton AU)
3 x sign of the times studies and one Archaeology update from the recently discovered site of Sodom in the northern area of the dead sea.

Recent Archaeology finds in #Sodom: A Sound warning to us all

 Russia Today: Nothing Has Changed – Everything has changed!

Britain, Brexit and the Beast: Christchurch NZ Prophecy Day 2016

Isis, Iran, Iraq, Israel: What does it all mean? Christchurch Prophecy day 2016

 Just click on the image to start the player or select your chosen study from the top left area of the image

Watch in Full HD below – Click Image to play…

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