Coffs Harbour Bible School Studies 2019

This year we invited bro Jim Cowie and Bro Andrew Bramhill to speak on the theme ‘ The Resurrection and the life’

Bro Bramhill spoke on

‘He is Risen: From his Crucifixion to the Ascension’
  1. Portents of Resurrection
  2. Very early in the Morning
  3. The disciples were assembled
  4. Fishers of men
  5. Our Exalted Lord

Bro Jim’s theme was

‘Risen with him: From our Baptism to the Resurrection’
  1. raised again for our justification
  2. Planted together in the likeness of his death
  3. We shall also be in the likeness of his resurrection
  4. How are the dead raised up?
  5. O man greatly beloved. fear not: peace be unto thee, be strong – yea be strong

Watch in Full HD below – Click Image to play…

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