Come Unto Me and I Will Give You Rest!

A @Christadelphians Video: Description: We struggle with the modern world which can be overwhelming. We can find rest by coming to Christ. We need to learn who Jesus Christ is and that he came as a human, and was able to overcome its problems. He can share our load and forgive our sins so we can enter into his rest in the kingdom age when human nature will be taken away.


The speaker reflects on the concept of finding rest in Jesus amidst the burdens of modern life, drawing parallels to historical events and biblical teachings. He emphasises the importance of understanding Jesus’ nature, overcoming sin, and committing to him through baptism as a path to ultimate rest in God’s Kingdom on Earth.


  • 💡 Jesus calls for people to come to him for rest from life’s burdens, promising a light yoke and easy burden.
  • 💡 Understanding Jesus’ nature, sinlessness, sacrifice, and call for commitment is crucial for finding true rest.
  • 💡 Rest ultimately means liberation from human nature and selfishness, leading to a future judgment and the promise of a peaceful Kingdom on Earth.


Jesus, Rest, Burdens, Sin, Baptism, Kingdom of God, Salvation, Judgment, Peace

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