Conquering the Giants – 4 Videos

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 Conquering the GIANTS

Description:  This study examines in detail King David’s mighty men listed in 2 Samuel 23 and 1 Chronicles 11.  The Old Testament paints vivid accounts of gruesome and bloody warfare.  We are called to engage in the same brutal and unrelenting fight—the fight against our own sin-prone flesh in a world that exalts the enemies of God:  pride, lust, and temporal pleasures. Mighty men and women of the Lord will be able to stand to receive the gift of life in God’s eternal kingdom.

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Talk 1: Jealous of his cousins Moses and Aaron, Korah tried to replace Aaron. His sons did not join him in the rebellion. Jealousy cost him his life but his descendants were given an essential role in the temple service.

Talk 2: Job protested his innocence and said God was punishing him unfairly. Thinking legally, he wanted a fair trial to prove his suffering was undeserved. Finally, he understood that God was working in his life.

Talk 3: A crisis came when the disciples knew Jesus was the Messiah but could not understand he would suffer death and rise again. On the mountain, they were witnesses to a transformation of their master, seen in future glory, with two others who had endured rejection. God’s voice added unforgettable reassurance to disciples and Jesus himself.

Talk 4: Depressed and fearing for his life, Elijah fled to Sinai, despairing at his failure to turn the people to God. He needed to learn that God was working quietly with a faithful remnant. In conclusion, there is some advice for us to follow when we feel depressed

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