Conversations: Christadelphian Justin Reich talks about his Faith.

Welcome to our latest Conversations post!
We are thrilled to be able to present, in video format this new series of interview-style videos where we ask Christadelphians, both young and older, how they came to a knowledge of the truth and what convinced them of the truth concerning Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God.

In these relaxed episodes, usually over a cup of tea!,   our guests talks about their experiences as a Christadelphian that inspired him to change their lives to become servant of the most high God – the self declared ‘God of Israel’, Join us and see how the Bible has the power to change lives of an open and receptive mind.

This episode features Brother Justin Reich who talks about his journey of discovery and in particular, the importance of having a grounding support network of friends who are like-minded as well as sound doctrine as a foundation to his faith.

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In this interview, Justin Reich talks about how he came into the Truth, having not been brought up as a Christadelphian.

Having been encouraged to come along to Christadelphian events by his aunt and uncle, Justin highlights the need for good influences, and the importance of perceiving what the Word of God has to offer, in contrast to the world.

Justin’s experiences demonstrate the need for everyone to engage with the comforting message of the Bible, and the fact that God is always helping us to grow in every circumstance of life.

Justin has some sound advice for those wishing to share the Gospel, and also for those who are on their own journey of discovering the wonderful truth contained within Scripture and the beauty of fellowship with like-minded believers.

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