Details of the Future Kingdom Of God On Earth! According to the Bible.

### Summary
This presentation provides a detailed overview of the future Kingdom of God, exploring various aspects and characteristics of this prophesied time period. The presenter emphasises the importance of developing a vision for the Kingdom in order to be prepared for its arrival.

### Highlights
🌍 The Kingdom of God will be a time of joy, gladness, and the absence of sorrow and distress, as sickness and disease will be eradicated.
🕰️ The Kingdom will feature extended lifespans, with people living for hundreds of years, as well as the resurrection of the dead and the attainment of immortality.
🌳 The Kingdom will be a time of peace, where people will enjoy the fruits of their labour without fear of others taking it, and where even the natural world will be transformed, with predators and prey coexisting harmoniously.
🙏 The ultimate purpose of the Kingdom is for the knowledge of the Lord to fill the earth, as God’s power and righteousness reign supreme.

### Keywords
– Kingdom of God
– Prophecy
– End Times

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