Family Life In The Lord: (5 Videos)

Study 1 : The Wisdom of the Marriage Relationship

Description: Marriage and family help develop people in the ways of God, to be more selfless, focusing upon salvation by doing God’s will.

Study 2: The Wisdom of the Family Unit

Description: The specific responsibilities of a husband and wife are discussed outlining their responsibilities. Submission is not servile, but respectful of the husband’s role to devotedly work for their common salvation.

Study 3: Parenting by Faith

Description: Parents need to be devoted to the way of God, and give their children a focus with the ultimate goal of the Kingdom. God regards children as His and is highly interested in the management of children, who are part of the ‘house’ he is building, the foundation of society.

Study 4: Faithful Parents

Description: Guidance is given how to conduct the home that families might ‘connect’ with God. The need for guidance and discipline must be founded in love.

Study 5: Faithful Mother Son and a Nation Recovered

Description: God’s plan is for His ways to be passed on through each generation. The final example given is the faithful devotion of Hannah and her son who redeemed Israel.

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