Fellowship in Principle and Practice: Four Part Bible Study Series

1. These talks, by an elder member of the Wilston Ecclesia in Brisbane, are
to inform its members of the benefits and responsibilities of fellowship
as part of the Central Fellowship, particularly in Australia. This talk
introduces the topics to be included in the other talks.
2. This talk is about the Unity Book as the Basis of Fellowship and the role
of clauses 5 and 12 of the Statement of Faith in the Australian Reunion
of sixty years ago.
3. This talk gives scriptural examples of practical fellowship. It outlines the
careful steps to be taken when withdrawal from an individual or ecclesia
becomes necessary, as set out in the Unity Book and the Ecclesial Guide,
with a view to restoring the lost fellowship.
4. This talk gives some of the history of the Wilston Ecclesia in respect to its
withdrawing fellowship from other ecclesias. Eventually, when extended
discussions led to a 12 point statement on the Atonement, endorsed by
both ecclesias, fellowship was restored. A list of recommended reading
concludes the talks.

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