Here is the Proof! Russia’s Path of Conquest: Predicted in the Bible!

A Christadelphian Video: One of the most amazing aspects of the Bible is that it contains prophecy; that is, it tells future events that subsequently take place! Many of the Bible’s prophecies have come to pass, the most notable in the last 100 years being the recreation of the state of Israel. One of the few remaining prophecies still to be fulfilled is the invasion of the Middle East by Russia, joining forces with Iran, Libya, and part of Europe. Russia’s current movements are fascinating in light of this prophecy, in particular Putin’s desire to recreate Kievan Rus, the name used in the Bible to describe Russia’s forces.Join our live stream to hear what the Bible has said about Russia’s future role, and how this will bring about the return of Jesus Christ to set up God’s Kingdom on earth!

By no means, neither we nor the Bible condone or excuse any actions that bring about pain and suffering to people, particularly as we see the tragic events unfolding in Ukraine.Prophecy demonstrates God’s foreknowledge, it does not provide his stamp of approval. The pain and suffering is real, however we firmly believe that this is another demonstration of the need for a true and righteous government for all people in the world.

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