‘I The LORD will hasten it in its time: World Prophecy Event 2021 – 3 Videos

Videos presented at the World Prophecy Day in 2021 organised by the Bible Magazine team https://biblemagazine.com/

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Session 1, The Effect of the Pandemic One Year On: Speaker: Stephen Palmer

In this video, Brother Stephen examines the effects of the pandemic since its onset up to now and how this has affected the world politically and economically in light of what we know the scriptures prophesy.

A fascinating video for anyone who takes an interest in the Bible and how Prophecy is out working in the world we live in today.

Bro Stephen remarks….

there’s going to be a greater pandemic, which will be part of that drama of the coming of the Lord and the events that have to do with the prelude to the establishment of the Kingdom of God

Session 2, : Through His Policy Deceit will Prosper Speaker: Peter Owen

A Christadelphian Video:

Brother Pete leads us in a whirlwind of discovery in an attempt to identify the main player at the time of the end as described in detail in Daniel 8.

Using actual news reports and clips he demonstrates the connection to Russia and its present leader, Vladamir Putin.

A fantastic in-depth study that you will not want to miss.

Let us know what you think of Pete’s analysis in the comment area – we would love to hear from you.

Session 3, : My Covenant with Israel Speaker: John Owen

A Christadelphian Video: Part 3 of this exciting series of videos. Brother John Owen leads us in this concluding part examining in detail the Prophecy of Isaiah and focusing on how Israel will be prepared to receive their Messiah. A word from the presenter: This study looks briefly at Isaiah 59-60 to show how Israel will come to recognise Jesus Christ as their Messiah when he returns to the earth. Touching on Elijah’s role in helping Israel to turn to God, the study comes to focus on Israel’s exultation once the kingdom of God has been set up. Connections are made into the final chapters of Revelation to see how this part of Isaiah is pointing to the future kingdom of God on earth, its capital will be Jerusalem, its king will be the Lord Jesus Christ.

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