Is The New Testament Reliable? #3 The Gospels Fact or Fiction?

A Christadelphian Video: 
No reputable historian disputes the existence of Jesus Christ but some skeptics claim that the accounts of Jesus in the New Testament are later myths.
This video shows a small part of the evidence which shows that the Gospel accounts are reliable records of Jesus' words and actions. 
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A Christadelphian Video:A Christadelphian Video:The Gospels are our main source of information about Jesus Christ. 
Some people like to think that they were written late after the eyewitnesses were dead and lack accuracy; 
some sceptics claim that they are entirely fictional. The evidence is different. 
The Gospels contain accurate descriptions of the places, customs, events and people that they describe. 
This is confirmed by archaeology and by concidences in insignificant details.
Is The New Testament Reliable? #3 The Gospels Fact or Fiction?

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