LOCKDOWN Bible School 2020: Sunday 24th May

Use this page to access each day for the Bible School commencing Sunday 24th Mat 2020 

Sunday 24th

Practice login from 16:30 – please DO make sure you can log in in plenty of time to avoid last-minute issues

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17.00: Devotional: President – Peter Anderton (followed by how the week should work)

Bro Peter Anderton starts the week off with a devotional and then details of how the week will proceed God Willing.

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20.00: Jay Mayock, Hamilton Book Rd, Canada: “Declare the Decree” (Ps 2 & the early Jerusalem ecclesia in Acts)

Summary – In this class, we have a look at how Psalm 2 was such an inspirational text for the early Jerusalem ecclesia and the apostles. There is a wonderful practical application that flows from this exposition – that the reality of our risen Lord should be the inspiration for what we say and what we do. I hope this class also deepens our appreciation of what we already know: the Bible is the word of God, and He must be the intelligence behind it all. I have attached two documents: one on this subject, and one on Acts 2/Gen 11 that you could make available if you wish.

Genesis 11 and Acts 2 Chart

Psalm 2 and Acts 4-5 Chart

Reading – Acts 3:1-11

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