Looking Forward to the Judgement Seat: 7 Part Video Bible Study

Description: This subject is rarely discussed in Christian communities – probably as most denominations do not teach the bible truth concerning the literal Judgement that will take place at the return of Christ to the Earth, rather professing the false truth that judgement will take place at point of death and result in the believer either descending to hell, a place of eternal torment or ascending to Heaven for eternal bliss – neither are scriptural truth’s.

This 7 part in-depth study given at the Cumberland ecclesia during 13-21st May by Darren Tappouras highlights the need to have confidence in the Judgement process – God wants his true followers to make up the multitudinous Christ to occupy the coming Kingdom and so if God is for us who can be against us? The study series examines many aspects of the judicial process and is a must see.

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Hi there, I’ve been watching this series on judgment. Very interesting and instructive. However the labelling of the talks is very confusing.

There are seven videos but some of them appear to be duplicated and some are incorrectly labelled e.g the one labelled exhortation is not an exhortation. The exhortation is No. 5 (or 4 but not sure; its definitely not the one its supposed to be!). Could you please sort this out because its difficult without writing it all down to know what is what.

Apart from that I’m delighted with these studies

With love in the Truth


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