Making Sense Of Human Suffering And A Loving GOD

New series of pamphlets dealing with some of the most basic questions often asked by those seeking the Truth about God.

This article answers the question…


Human suffering.

We struggle with the existence of suffering, especially when it comes close to us. “If God is so loving, why did He let this happen to me?”

Is there an explanation for human suffering? One that makes sense, and, one that helps us understand the role of a loving God in such suffering?

That is the purpose of this booklet.

This is not an abstract, esoteric explanation; it is written by someone who has had to confront these questions in his own life.

The best part: At the end, one is left with an understanding of suffering that can lead to a life with real meaning and genuine hope.

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Download [729.55 KB]

Read the whole series here….

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