Men and Women of Faith 11 Videos

Video Description:Description: A “lightning fast exposition” of the lives and interactions of two faithful servants of God. Abraham was one of the most faithful men in all recorded history but he had the same weaknesses and shortcomings as us, so even his faith ebbed and flowed with life’s trials and challenges. Abraham and Sarah’s responses to continual challenges to their faith are a great example.

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 Description: Who was Jude? He wrote the very last epistle (letter) to God’s beloved believers. This study explores who Jude was and why he wrote such a fiery warning with unequivocal conviction to a wider audience versus a specific Ecclesia. Jude calls for action; to fight for the truth and the purpose of Christs’ life and death, to resist the false teachings that had “crept in.” He pleads with us to keep earnestly contending for the faith amongst the mockers of his day…and of our day
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Description: This is a journey of faith of a woman who gave up everything to follow the true GOD of Israel. The speaker encourages us to follow Ruth’s example, for GOD would have everyone to be saved, therefore we are encouraged to believe and following GOD’s commandments so that we can have the opportunity of salvation.

Men and Women of Faith: Gideon

Description: Joseph was a remarkable man in the Bible. Hear about his family and how he used what happened in his life, even the difficult events, for good. In this way he was a perfect example of Jesus Christ.



A talk looking at the devout faith of Cornelius and lessons we can apply into our everyday lives.Follow us on our dedicated Facebook page

We find here the meaning of faith and how to worship God acceptably. Abel’s choice of offering was evidence of his faith in God’s requirements. Abel is commended in the New Testament for his example, which modelled the obedient sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Noah obeyed God, building a huge boat miles from the sea, whilst all around him rejected the warning of the flood. We can be saved from coming judgment if we develop faith

Abraham is a great example to us today. He responded in faith to the call by God and his life was characterised by a complete belief and trust and commitment to God.

Description: Even though she questions what trial and suffering are achieving in her life, Naomi will not be dissuaded from following her God, and returns to the land of promise with Ruth who has been influenced by her conviction.


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