Nations being Prepared for Christ’s Appearance #3 Milestones to the Kingdon Of God Update

“The Nations being prepared for Christ’s Appearance”

Milestones Update. The remarkable timing of the Arab change of attitude so can be blessed in Kingdom. Matt 25:31-46 and any other live matters. We look at the basis of how the world’s nations will be accepted – or not – to live in the Kingdom. What in God’s eyes distinguishes a “Sheep” Nation from a “Goat” nation? Not all “Sheep” were born “Sheep”. They have changed from “Goats” to “Sheep”! In fulfilment of Scripture this is happening just at the time which will see the imminent return of the Lord Jesus, to judge his saints and to judge the nations. We look at the unfolding Abraham Accords which are transforming the Middle East. We look at the development of Britain and her allies to play their role in these last days as Britain emerges from her 70 years of decline, precisely on time! We are living in exciting times that herald the return of the Lord Jesus.

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