Noah – 5 part video series


1. The Flood was needed to wipe out a sinful and degenerate world. Violence and killing filled the earth, but Enoch, like Noah, walked with God.

2. God decided to destroy the world that then was, whilst preserving the lives of a few. Noah was given the strange and enormous task of building a vessel large enough to shelter his family and a breeding pair of all the birds and animals of that time.

3. Clean and unclean beasts were brought into the Ark. Waters from above and below the earth, and seismic forces, wrought the greatest ever changes to the world.

4. When the floodwaters subsided, Noah sent forth a raven and a dove. When the ground was dry, God said it was time for all to go out of the Ark.

5. God’s covenant of the rainbow applies to all mankind and every creature. It is His promise that the earth would never again be destroyed by water. God has given us Jesus Christ as our way of escape from His judgment, soon to come upon the present evil world.

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