Pioneer Centre Bible School Weekend ONLINE 4th – 6th Dec 2020 (God Willing)

Bro Roger Lewis, Christchurch North, NZL
Bro Matt Davies, Nottingham Forest Rd
Bro Roy Highfield, West Bromwich
Bro Roger Long, Coventry Grosvenor Rd
Bro Richard Mellowes, Caerphilly
Bro Phil Round, Kinver
Bro Jim Styles, Simi Hills, California, USA
Bro Paul Hamnett, Earlswood
Bro Nigel Bernard, Pembroke Dock
Reserve Speaker: Bro David Blacklock

There will also be study
sessions for 3-6, 7-10
and 11+ years.

Use this page to access each day for the Bible School commencing Friday 11th December 2020. The details page with links to join the talks will be published early each day.  

Friday 4th December 2020
18:00 Children’s activity and thought for the day (ages 7 – 10)
Bro Paul and Sis Alison Davies,

19:00 Young People’s (11+) Study: Emmanuel
Bro Luke Whitehouse,

20:00 Opening Meeting President: Bro Stephen Hale

Study 1: Marking the Days in John’s Gospel – the 8th Sign
Bro Richard Mellowes, Caerphilly

Saturday 5th December 2020
09:30 Study 2: Blessings from the Beatitudes
Bro Phil Round,

11:15 Study 3: The Women at the Crucifixion
Bro Roy Highfield, West Bromwich

13:30 Children’s Session, (ages 3-6, 7-10)
Study: The Woman with Two Small Coins
Teachers: Bro Stephen and Sis Anna Hale

14:15 Young People’s Session (11+) Study: Walking on the Water
Speaker: Bro Mark Johnson,

15:15 Singing the Psalms
Bro Stephen & Sis’s Rachel, Miriam and Abi Jones

16:00 Study 4: Cyrus and the Gospel of John
Bro Nigel Bernard,

20:00 Study 5: How the Gospels present the crucifixion of Christ
Bro Jim Styles,

21:10 Breakout Rooms

Sunday 6th December 2020
09:00 Study 6: The Blind Man and the Deaf Man “I see men
walking as Trees” (Mark 7, 8)
Bro Paul Hamnett, Earlswood

10:45 Memorial Meeting
Exhortation: “What Manner of Man is this?”
Bro Roger Long,

13:30 Children’s Session, (ages 3-6, 7-10)
Study: The Woman with the Expensive Ointment
Teachers: Bro Stephen and Sis Anna Hale
14:15 Young People’s Session (11+) Study: Jesus’ Last Week
Speaker: Bro John Owen,

16:00 Study 7: The Cup, the Wine Mingled with Myrrh and
the Sponge full of Vinegar
Bro Matt Davies,

20:00 Study 8: The Parable of the Penitent Publican
Bro Roger Lewis,

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