Postmodernism: the Final Challenge to Christians everywhere

Description: The pride of life could be the number one challenge facing God’s people today. To each his own, and “you do you” is the message we hear over and over in a society of that promotes ‘self’ over God. Yet, our Heavenly Father declares His glory will cover the whole earth, however, man’s self-glorifying ideas is what saturates the earth from end to end. The crafty and subtle mindset that we can make our own truth surely makes its way into our lives at every turn. Through the institutions set up under the kingdoms of men, we are vulnerable to following man’s ways by justifying ourselves and elevating our thoughts above God’s thoughts. By following Jesus Christ the one man that declared truth by demonstrating the only right we currently have—is to obediently accept death in our sin-filled flesh. Now more than ever we must cling to the Rock of salvation in our Lord so along with him we may fill the earth with the glory that belongs to God!

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