Proof that Jesus Christ did ‘NOT’ exist before his Birth.

A @Christadelphians Video: Description: Catholic teachers themselves agree that scripture does not directly teach the trinity. The word which was with God in the beginning is speaking figuratively of the thinking of God, which was inherited by Jesus from his father. And so, in this figurative sense Jesus pre-existed. It is something scripture does in various ways, quite logically.


The video discusses the doctrine of the Trinity and its origins, as well as the concept of the Incarnation. It argues that the Trinity is not directly found in the Bible, but rather a development of Greek philosophy over time. It also questions the compatibility of the different portrayals of Jesus in the New Testament. The speaker emphasizes the importance of believing in the truth and warns against false teachings.

📚 The doctrine of the Trinity is a development of Greek philosophy and not directly found in the Bible.
🤔 The different portrayals of Jesus in the New Testament are contradictory and not compatible.
✝️ Believing in the truth is important for salvation.
🙏 The importance of understanding the concept of the Incarnation.
💭 The difficulties of accepting the idea that God became man.

Trinity, Incarnation, Greek philosophy, New Testament, contradictions, salvation


00:00 – Introduction
00:42 – The origin of the Trinity doctrine
02:03 – The Church’s use of Greek philosophy
04:07 – The development of trinitarian doctrines
07:56 – The Bible’s contradictory views of Jesus
09:27 – The importance of believing the truth
10:44 – Corruption of the church’s teachings
13:11 – The difficulties of the Incarnation
14:48 – Jesus’ pre-existence
16:18 – The angel’s message to Mary
17:36 – The literal meaning of the Incarnation

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