Reasons why Jesus can’t be God!


The video script discusses the Christadelphian belief that Jesus cannot be God and emphasizes the distinction and separation between God and Jesus. It explores various characteristics of God and compares them to what is known about Jesus, concluding that they are distinct entities.

💡 The Christadelphian belief separates them from other churches that adhere to the Trinity doctrine.
💡 The script examines the clear and straightforward Bible teaching on the relationship between God and Jesus.
💡 It emphasizes that God and Jesus are distinct and separate entities, with God as the Father and Jesus as His Son.
💡 Bible references like 1 Timothy 2:5 support the belief in the distinction between God and Jesus.
💡 Characteristics such as God’s eternal existence, inability to lie, invisibility, and omnipotence are compared to Jesus’ human birth, temptations, fatigue, and need for strengthening.
💡 The script highlights that understanding the relationship between God and Jesus is crucial to understanding Jesus’ work of salvation.
💡 The ultimate goal is to believe that Jesus is the Son of God and have eternal life through faith in Him.
Key Insights
🔍 The Christadelphians believe that the Bible teaches a clear and straightforward distinction between God and Jesus, contrary to the Trinity doctrine.
🔍 By examining various characteristics of God and comparing them to what is known about Jesus, the script concludes that they are distinct entities.
🔍 The script highlights that Jesus had a beginning, was tempted, experienced fatigue, and needed strengthening, which are incompatible with the notion of Him being God.
🔍 Understanding the relationship between God and Jesus is essential for comprehending the significance of Jesus’ sacrifice and the hope of salvation.
🔍 The script emphasizes the importance of believing that Jesus is the Son of God and placing faith in Him for eternal life. This belief sets Christadelphians apart from other churches.

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