Russian Aggression in Europe: Sign of Christ’s Coming – 2 Videos

Russian Aggression in Europe – Sign of Christ’s Coming! On Thursday 24th February Russia launched a devastating attack on Ukraine by land, air and sea. Vladimir Putin warned that if anyone tries to intervene, Moscow’s response will be “instant”. This act of aggression against a democratic European country has been described by world leaders as the end of the current world order. As Christadelphians, we believe that the rise of a militant Russia was predicted over two thousand years ago in the Bible. The Bible is God’s word, and it speaks of a time called “the latter days”, when Russia will seek to achieve world domination. This will merely be the prelude to the greatest event the world has ever seen – the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to the earth, and the establishment of the Kingdom of God, which will last for ever. This will finally bring everlasting righteousness and peace to our troubled world.

Talk #1 demonstrates that the re-establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, and its growth into a wealthy nation, confirms that we are living in “the latter days”.

#2 confirms that the Bible predicts a devastating invasion of the nation of Israel in “the latter days” by a confederacy of nations led by Russia. This military campaign will ultimately be defeated by Jesus Christ, who will intervene on the world scene, and establish the Kingdom of God on earth. The Bible offers to us the opportunity to live forever in that future Kingdom of God.

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