Solomon, King of Glory (5 Videos)

Video Description: Bro Matthew Trowell leads us in this 5 part study held at the Granite State ecclesias in the USA

1. King David prepared thoroughly for his young son to succeed him. How Solomon began to rule, and establish his authority, foreshadows how Jesus Christ will act when he becomes King.

2. Did young Solomon make wise judgments because he was super-smart, or because he applied the Law of his God as his parents had taught him? The former won’t guide us, but the latter shows us how to use the Bible to make decisions.

3. The Temple must be built to a divine pattern, reflecting God’s way of salvation from the beginning, and typical of the development of God’s building, a spiritual temple for the Kingdom Age.

4. How Solomon foreshadows Christ as Priest-King, whose fame is taken into all the earth; and what the Queen of Sheba was amazed to see will also be seen by the saints in the Kingdom.

5. Solomon’s failure in the third stage of his life warns against sins that can gradually take hold in our lives. Everyone should begin in youth to fear God and continue to keep His commandments.

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