The Acts of the Apostles – 5 Videos

#1: Grounded in the Acts of the Apostles, these studies bring together many other scriptures to show the Lord Jesus and the Comforter establishing and working in the communities of believers.

#2: Working behind the scenes, angels prepared the way for apostles such as Peter and Paul to spread the gospel beyond Judea and into the Gentile world

#3: Believers in the 1st Century had to make many decisions because ecclesial members were from different cultures. They found scriptural solutions that promoted unity and the gospel work.

#4:  Many examples of two persons working together, to achieve the result God wants, teach us to understand how God works in our lives. Our spouse and other believers are God-given to bring the best out in us.

#5: Like other Bible characters, Paul completed the work that had been defined for him to do. Christianity was relocated after the Roman conquest of Judea. The Book of Acts is just the beginning of the work of the gospel, which continues in our hands.

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