The Birth and Ministry of Jesus Christ.

A @Christadelphians Video: Description: The gospels detail the birth and ministry of the Lord Jesus. And his life shows us that we should listen to scripture and seek out the truth for ourselves

The video discusses the birth and ministry of Jesus Christ and explores questions about who he was, where he was from, and why he came to Earth. The presenter emphasizes the importance of knowing Jesus Christ and encourages the audience to continue seeking answers and asking questions. The video also highlights the contrast between the multitude of people who were interested in Jesus’ miracles and the disciples who were willing to put in the effort to follow him.


  • Crucifixion and resurrection of Christ are well-known, but why do we need to know more about Jesus?
  • Who was Jesus and why did he come to Earth?
  • Jesus spent 33 years ministering and teaching, but what was his purpose as it relates to us?
  • The birth and ministry of Jesus are connected to the Old Testament story of the Tabernacle.
  • The video focuses on the contrast between the multitude and the disciples.

Jesus Christ, birth, ministry, questions, disciples, multitude

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