The Ecclesia at Ephesus: 6 Part Video Study

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A series of studies given at the MACBS 2018
The Letter to the Ephesians is carefully explained in a series of six studies, highlighting the function of an ecclesia and the interaction of its members in these early years of Christianity.

1. All they who dwell in Asia heard the word
Significant incidents of Paul at Ephesus are found in The Acts of the Apostles. When Paul came to Ephesus it was a famous city and a centre of pagan worship. Through his effort, the whole province of Asia heard the gospel of Christ. When he moved on, the ecclesia in Ephesus was strong.
2. The Fullness of Him that fills all in all
Paul later wrote Ephesians to the ecclesia: Jesus was full of the divine attributes, completely exhibiting the character of his Father, Who has given His exalted Son to the ecclesia so that we also may be filled with the characteristics of God.
3. Comprehending the love of Christ
Knowing that the love of Christ is dwelling in our hearts enables us to become followers of God, as dear children. With His power working in us, He is able to do more for us than we can ask or think.
4. Edifying the Body of Christ
As a wise master builder, Paul enjoined us to excel in building up the body of Christ, to achieve unity in faith and knowledge of our Lord. When every member is working together, the ecclesia functions effectively.
5. Walking worthy of the calling
To walk worthy of God is to have our heart where Christ’s heart was, fixed on the Father’s will, and work, and purpose, while keeping separate from the aims and interests of this world.
6. Remembering our first love
Forty years after Paul was in Ephesus, in Revelation the Lord commended the ecclesia for its perseverance but charged it with leaving its first love. This warns us all to remember the purpose of the ecclesia of God and concentrate on what we should be doing to manifest divine attributes.

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