The Ecclesias of Revelation: Sardis – Are You Alive?

Description: The Sardis Ecclesia was told that they were alive but they were dead. They were going through the motions of being alive but their heart wasn’t in what they were doing. We need to learn the lesson of Sardis, wake up and be watchful and help others because our Lord will come at an unexpected time. We need to keep our garment unspotted by being in constant contact with our Heavenly Father and trying to do things that please Him. God has two books, the book of life and the book of remembrance. Our sins and good deeds are recorded in the book of remembrance and our name is recorded in the book of life.

The content for this video was copied from the Suburban Christadelphian Young People (SYP Adelaide). The original content for this video can be found at: – SYP Adelaide exists the inspire young people to the Kingdom of God and for more details about the group please visit: Please note the views expressed on this page do not necessarily reflect the views of SYP Adelaide.

Watch in Full HD below – Click Image to play…

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