The Future Of Israel: The Key To World Peace!

A @Christadelphians Video: Description: Abraham is mentioned 70 times in the New Testament which confirms that God’s purpose is centred on Israel. Because of their special relationship with Him, God has punished Israel many times for their iniquities. Israel will once again be brought to their knees, and they will accept the Lord Jesus Christ who will bring peace to the world. note: Comments: A slip of the tongue at 13:27, the presenter said 72B instead of 722BC when Israel was taken into Assyria.

# Summary
This presentation discusses the future of Israel and its importance in achieving world peace, based on the prophecies and promises found in the Bible. It traces the origins of God’s purpose with the land of Israel and the Jewish people, highlighting the key events and challenges they have faced throughout history. The presentation also delves into the pivotal prophecy in the Book of Ezekiel, which is believed to be unfolding in our current times, and the implications it holds for the future of Israel and the world.

# Highlights
🌍 The land of Israel has been rejuvenated and is no longer desolate, with the return of the Jewish people in large numbers in the last century.
🌍 The Jewish people have been gathered from many nations and are now dwelling in the land, though not yet in complete safety.
🌍 The nation of Israel will face judgment due to their idolatry, immorality, and rejection of Jesus as the Messiah, leading to a time of great trouble.
🌍 After this judgment, Israel will be rescued by the Lord Jesus Christ, who will return to the Earth and establish His kingdom, bringing about a state of peace and blessing.
🌍 The Everlasting Gospel will be preached to all nations, calling them to worship the Creator and accept the rule of Jesus Christ.
🌍 Those who reject this message will face further judgment, while those who accept it will experience the blessings of the coming Kingdom of God on Earth.

# Keywords
– Israel
– Bible prophecy
– World peace
– End times

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