The God Of All Comfort: (5 Videos)

This series is meant to resolve the issues of stress with the realities of faith. People who suffer can fall into deep depression from the paradoxes and perplexities of unresolved suffering. Using the specifics of each part, the object of these presentations is to engender comfort from understanding and to bring us into heightened sensitivities about how the Truth offers comfort.
In particular, The five parts to this series are individually based on our direct experience with three sisters who suffered enormous trials in Sickness, Loss and Abuse. Their cases are severe and have raised all the spiritual questions about God, His providence, answers to prayer, and angelic encampment, all of which (among others) are pled during fiery trials. The premise of this focus is that many people are going through similar or different trials, equally as intense to them, as a result of personal circumstances, to say nothing of life in the end times. The classes are designed to answer many of the paradoxes of suffering in the context of faith.  As such, there is much empathy with frailty and suffering, (especially comfort) to be shared in this series. Each Part in the series concludes with conditions in the future Kingdom of God which specifically resolve the sufferings of the present. Of all the philosophies and remedies available in the world, it is the greater reality of the Gospel of the Kingdom alone that is able to reach the heart of anyone bearing unbearable burdens and provide the comfort and peace sufficient for its purpose in the present. Although it is not the peace of immediate relief, as the world gives, it is the peace that Christ offers that enables patient endurance of suffering in the present for the Glory that lies before us in the future.


Ecclesial Policy
On Family Services Pertaining to Abuse and Exploitation

The creation of this policy stems from our having officially opened a Counseling ervice for the Norfolk Ecclesia, in which our members are financially supported to receive qualified counselling for a specified period of time, where their trials are beyond the scope and ability of our own members to provide sufficient resources for help. We acknowledge that Brothers and Sisters are subject to the same proclivity to sin as all mankind, and provisions should be made to aid victims of abuse and exploitation, recognizing that this abuse could come from outside or from within the body.

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ABUSE Policy: Norfolk

ARTICLE: Why Women Stay

CHOICES: Peter Boon’s Son

DAVID LEVIN: Advice on Bereaved

SUFFERING Sisters: Full Testimonies

SIS. DAWN’S Poem: All I Hoped For

SIS. DAWN: Suffering in hope

Part 1: Comfort in Sickness – Recovery in the Kingdom
The thoughts centering on Comfort in Sickness are based on the extraordinary life of a late Sister, who only discovered the Truth around five years before she fell asleep in Christ. She had experienced so much rejection, abuse and physical maladies that it is no wonder the Truth meant as much to her as she proclaimed to our Brethren in her painful, fading years. But what was so remarkable about her faith, was the particular way in which she framed her suffering in relation to her hope. In this part you can hear from her own voice how she resolves her pain, her circumstance, and her life with the knowledge of God. Both the sufferings of her life and the great testimony of her faith—how they resolve Comfort in Sickness—are recorded in Part One.
Part 2: Comfort in Loss – Retrieval in the Kingdom
Comfort in Loss refers to a Sister who lost her only son, just three months after he was baptized at the age of 19. If that weren’t enough, he was such a very special young man. He had an unusual gift of making everyone he encountered feel special. He had a magical smile and was literally loved by everyone. His death was accidental and sudden. Barely able to bear this excruciating burden, his mother makes a testimony of faith in the depths of irreconcilable despair. Her mental framework rests entirely with the hope of the resurrection, the knowledge of which is an intrinsic certainty for her. Among the comforts of faith provided by hope, this study also presents practical suggestions as to how to speak to someone suffering from extreme loss of a loved one, while attempting to bear the immediate stress imposed by it. What a wonder it would be if this young man’s death, his mother’s hope, and this effort to convey the hope of retrieval to a more broad audience, spreads for others everywhere as a “help in time of need.”  It can’t reconcile the tragedy, but at least there is a definable purpose in an eventual outcome. The power of retrieval lies directly in the promise of God, whose “Word is Truth.”
Part 3: Comfort in Abuse – Retribution in the Kingdom
Although the Sister in Part One suffered from unimaginable abuse, the third Sister referred to in this part, Comfort in Abuse, suffered from prolonged mental and emotional abuse in her marriage for twenty-five years. It was not limited to her, but also victimized her children. This study shows how in spite of having a natural mind shattered by overbearing dominance, the spiritual mind can pick up the difference and resolve all things in faith—things which most of us never experience. Another feature of this part is that our Ecclesia didn’t know much about marital abuse of this kind until it surfaced. As a result, I wrote a comprehensive Abuse Policy, for our benefit, as well as for its potential use by other ecclesias. This policy has scriptural principles as its foundation, in addition to advice from two seasoned counselors, one of whom is a Christadelphian, and director of a Counseling Center. For those who are oppressed when reconciliation seems impossible and conflicts are sustained in confusion, the Justice of retribution in the Kingdom rests with God, where he will repay each one for what he has done.
Part 4: Comfort in Offense – Reconciliation in the Kingdom
This series is personal to the author but common to followers of Christ. It addresses the silent but discouraging suffering caused by being misunderstood, and enemies who seem to be given over to offenses and judgments, malice and envy, variance and emulation, disputes over morality and doctrine—mercy and righteousness, and order and freedom. After existing as a community for 170 years, Christadelphians have indulged in their share of calumny around irreconcilable differences, while still somehow managing to carry on the mission of the Gospel—but to the detriment of a fuller exposure in preaching—owing to energy tied up in failed or overly prolonged reconciliation. This syndrome was common to Brother Thomas in his efforts to promulgate the faith and establish ecclesias based upon a Truth distinct from the false and shallow “Christian” denominations of his time. In addition to his defense of the Truth, Brother Roberts further endured trials imposed on him from his efforts to organize the community and perpetuate sound doctrine in the midst of unsound disputes. Using the example of his stated desire to reconcile with his “enemies,” as he put it, this address focuses on the problem of conflicts between brethren as they operate through the more subtle influences of the flesh. For the answer, it turns to the Comfort in Offense that is offered, now, in scriptural precedent and principles of reconciliation, and later in Reconciliation in the Kingdom.
Part 5: Comfort in Paradox – Restoration in the Kingdom
It is well known by all who suffer that fiery trials can be more discouraging than beneficial. Paradoxes in suffering can be so acute as to make scriptural principles look inconsistent, meaningless and ineffective. Basic necessities of faith can be called into question, such as prayer, providence, protection, and God’s power. How does all this work when everything seems to go wrong? How do we resolve assurances that appear to be foundational to our relationship to God and personal promises made by Christ?  How can anyone endure physical, emotional, or mental agony in the acute moment of their need for immediate relief, when relief can only be understood as a distant promise of an unknown future date? Does God make things happen, or allow them to happen? Where are the angels who are supposed to encamp and deliver those that fear God? These are paradoxical questions everyone asks and are answered sufficiently by reframing to God’s point of view from His Word. All things will be restored in the Kingdom. Otherwise, there is ultimately nothing but vanity.

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