The Gospel Online – Is the New Testament Reliable? 4- Videos

Is the New Testament reliable?

well, this mini series of  4 videos will attempt to broaden your knowledge and understand as to why there has to be a creator God who is incontrol of all things and has a plan and purpose with this earth.

In the 21st century, for a lot of people, it almost seems absurd to have belief in God. They will claim that wars and suffering are proof that there cannot be a God who loves his creation. yet refuse to even read the Bible for themselves.
A new series of short presentations entitled ‘ Is the New Testament reliable? ‘ will answer these questions.
The presenters, who have often spent a lifetime studying the subject, will give the evidence behind the facts.

The full list of videos in the series is as follows..

#1 Jesus Christ: Man or Myth (Lord or Legend)?

#2 Who wrote the Gospels?

#3 The Gospels: Fact or Fiction?

#4Have we the right Gospels?

Join us as we embark on this new series of internet-based information videos designed to answer the questions.
Jesus Christ - Man or Myth, Lord or Legend?

No reputable historian disputes the existence of Jesus Christ but some sceptics claim that the accounts of Jesus in the New Testament are later myths. This video shows a small part of the evidence which shows that the Gospel accounts are reliable records of Jesus’ words and actions.

Watch the video and let us know if you agree or not, you can message using the ‘ask a question button at the top of each page!

Who wrote the Gospels and when were they written?

Most of what we know about the activities and teaching of Jesus Christ comes from the four Gospels in the New Testament. These have been under attack by sceptic since the nineteenth century, but as evidence mounts it becomes clearer and clearer that the Gospels were written by people who had access to eyewitness testimony. Archaeology shows that the writers of the Gospel had an intimate knowledge of the places, people and customs of the area where Jesus taught. The details in the Gospels show that the writers knew what happened and were not writing fiction. Some details are so clear that we can identify the writers by looking at detail in the text.

#3 The Gospels: Fact or Fiction

The Gospels are our main source of information about Jesus Christ. Some people like to think that they were written late after the eyewitnesses were dead and lack accuracy; some sceptics claim that they are entirely fictional. The evidence is different. The Gospels contain accurate descriptions of the places, customs, events and people that they describe. This is confirmed by archaeology and by concidences in insignificant details.

#4 Have the right Gospels?

Sceptics often say that there were many Gospels of essentially equal merit, all saying different things, but that the church selected the four biblical ones in the fourth century and suppressed the others. The reality is that the New Testament Gospels were written in the lifetime of the Apostles from eyewitness testimony and were accepted as records inspired by God from the beginning, while the apocryphal gospels were written a century later by people with a theological axe to grind and no access to anyone who had been with Jesus. The real Gospels are supported by evidence. They were accurate, reliable and inspired from the start.

Watch the video and let us know if you agree or not, you can message using the ‘ask a question button at the top of each page!

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