The Gospel Online – The Resurrection in real time – 7 Videos

The resurrection in real time! Everything you need to know!

A new series of short presentations entitled ‘ The resurrection in real time? 

The presenters, examine the recorded accounts, to attempt to build up a complete picture of the timeline and significance of the resurrection event will give the evidence behind the facts.

Jesus was crucified. On the following Sunday, his tomb was found to be empty, the stone that sealed it shut had been taken away, and his disciples were telling people that they had met Jesus alive. Suppose that there had been a legal enquiry into events, what would it have been like?

The full list of videos in the series is as follows..

The Resurrection in Real Time: #1 ‘The Gospel in Realtime’

The Resurrection in Real Time: #2 ‘The Day Jesus Died on the Cross’

The Resurrection in Real Time: #3 ‘The Day Jesus rose from the dead’

The Resurrection in Real Time: #4 ‘Evidence for the resurrection

The Resurrection in Real Time: #5 Jesus and the Day of Judgement

The Resurrection in Real Time: #6 What happened when Jesus rose to heaven?’

The Resurrection in Real Time:#7 ‘A dramatized inquiry’

Join us as we embark on this new series of internet-based information videos designed to answer the questions.

The source material for this series was granted by kind permission from

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