The Kingdom Of God… On Earth As It Is In Heaven – 3 Videos

This series of videos examines in some great detail the idea of God’s Kingdom on Earth as opposed to in Heaven, as is commonly taught in mainstream churches. The idea of God’s Future Kingdom being in heaven is not a scriptural one at all. Watch this series and let us know what you think!

Video #1 A Christadelphian Video: Over 2500 years ago, Nebuchadnezzar the king of ancient Babylon received a dream from God. Join us, as we discover how this dream revealed not just the history of the world but how the nations of the world are soon to be replaced by God’s coming kingdom!

Video #2 A Christadelphian Video: Israel seems like a small and perhaps insignificant nation in the grand scheme of things and yet the Bible reveals that the Jews are God’s chosen people. Join us, as we discover how the coming kingdom of God is rooted in the history of Israel!

Video #3 A Christadelphian Video: What will actually happen in the kingdom of God? Where will it be? Who will be the ruler? What will we do? Join us, as we discover what the Bible has to say about what the future kingdom of God will be like!

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