The New Testament Canon: 2 Studies (John Thorpe)

A @Christadelphians Video: One common objection to the New Testament is the claim that it is an arbitrary selection of books from a large number of different writings made by different groups. Sceptics claim that the books of the New Testament, and especially the Gospels, are no more authentic than the apocryphal gospels of the late second century and after. Roman Catholics assert that as the Church selected the books to be included in the New Testament Canon, the Church has priority over the New Testament. Both of these conclusions are false and are based on mistaken reasoning.

The standard method of studying the canon of scripture is to look through the history of the early Church and note when lists of the books of the New Testament were made. It is assumed that the books became scripture at that point in time. However, this is based on the false idea that the books were not authoritative before the Church recognised the fact, and that a list of authoritative books was published as immediately on the recognition of the books as scripture. The reality is that the authority of a book doesn’t depend on the recognition of that authority by the Church. If the Church fails to recognise an authoritative book, that is a problem for the Church, but the book is still authoritative. This video shows that the books of the New Testament were authoritative from the time that they were written and that their authority was underwritten by the Apostles. The date of writing of the New Testament books is thus a vital component in their being recognised as authoritative, and hence being included in the New Testament as Scripture


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